Your Moving Day Survival Kit

It’s finally here! The day you’ve been waiting for since you put in the purchase offer on that new house – that’s right, it’s moving day! While it’s sure to be an exciting (albeit hectic) day, make it a little easier on yourself by keeping some essentials close-at-hand. Think of it as your Moving Day Survival Kit. Because let’s be honest, no matter how organized you think you are, you will inevitably forget where you packed something important or discover you accidentally put it somewhere that isn’t immediately accessible. So grab a box or a bucket, and pile in some of these things to make your big day a little smoother:

  • Toilet paper – You never know if the previous owners kindly left you a roll or if it went with them in their own survival kit. Especially if you have a crew of people helping, your new bathroom will get a lot of use. You don’t want anyone to be stranded without T.P.
  • Hand soap & paper towels – A couple dispensers, at least one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen, will help with all of the dirt and mess that moving day inadvertently brings. Boxes can be dirty and newspapers can mark up your hands. You and everyone who is helping will appreciate being able to wash up when necessary.
  • All Purpose Cleaner – Hopefully the sellers were kind and gave the place a good scrub-down before they left, but there are sure to be things that you’ll need to clean yourself before you bring all of your stuff in (sinks, toilets, countertops, etc.). Having a container of Clorox Wipes or a multi-purpose cleaner will make a quick clean a breeze.
  • Trash bags – If you don’t have room for a whole box of bags, at least pack 2 or 3 to get you started – a couple for trash and one for recycling.
  • Utility knife or a handful of small tools – Have a Swiss Army Knife, Leatherman, or other compact utility knife? Toss it in your kit. If not, a box cutter and a couple screwdrivers will do. You’re sure to need them for putting together furniture, opening boxes and other miscellaneous tasks.
  • Charger cords and power strip – You may not get to unpacking all of your electronics on the first day, but having a power strip close at hand will be helpful for keeping your primary electronics charged and in one central place (cell phone, laptop, iPod) so they don’t get buried in the moving chaos.
  • Water & snacks – Keep you and your crew hydrated and energized. Grab a few bottled waters, granola bars, fruit, and other portable munchies – no reason to have grumpy workers!
  • Local restaurant/take-out menus – Chances are you won’t feel like cooking your first night, especially if you’re on a roll with unpacking or if you’re just covered in dirt and exhausted. Dial up some delivery or at least know who is close by that offers carryout.
  • Paper plates & plastic cutlery – These will make the first few meals a little more stress-free if you don’t have to worry about washing dishes on top of all your other moving day tasks.
  • First-aid kit – Moving big, heavy furniture from place to place can result in some accidents (hopefully not big ones). Scrapes, bruises, and pulled muscles are not uncommon. Having some Band Aids, aspirin, and some antibiotic ointment nearby will no doubt come in handy.
  • Personal toiletries – You’re sure to be exhausted when the day comes to a close. Keep your toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and other personal items in your kit to make bedtime (and let’s face it, the next few days) that much easier.

Everyone has his or her own list of “can’t live without” items, so feel free to add whatever makes the most sense to you. There will be other important things that you will want accessible for your first night, but that are too big to fit in your survival kit. For example, keep the sheets for your bed, pajamas, a couple bath towels and maybe even a shower curtain (if necessary) together in one box and move it over yourself so you know where it is. As soon as your bed is brought in to your new place, assemble it and get the sheets on (even if it is long before the day is over). If you can’t get your entire bedroom unpacked the first day, you will for sure be ready for a good night’s sleep and this way your bed will be ready too when you are finally able to crash.

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